Programme Management at MPA level

OPELIP will be implemented in the field through the existing MPAs with the Special Officer being overall in charge of the programme. Besides a Special Officer, who is a regular Government Officer, a Programme Manager (on contractual basis); a Junior Engineer (to be filled through either on secondment or on contract), a Junior Agriculture Officer, one senior or junior Clerk cum Accountant, one Social Mobiliser (on contractual basis), one Data Entry Operator and one peon will staff the MPA. This staffing pattern may be adapted to the specific situation of each MPA as the MPA area coverage under OPELIP varies from 13 to 150 villages.

Many MPAs have limited or no internet connectivity, phone or even roads, limiting their effectiveness. Besides providing additional staff support, OPELIP will strengthen these MPAs by: (i) building the capacity of existing and new staff through training, exposure, handholding etc.; and (ii) improving the overall working environments by providing office equipment, computer facilities with printers and internet through V-sats, improving the office building and construction of new office buildings where needed, construction of camp offices where needed, training and capacity building of the staff and provision of FNGO facilities on continuing basis for each MPA.