Success Stories

Smt. Laxmi nayak a PVTG widow aged -45 years hail from Naikanipalli village of Seegarh GP. She has one son and one daughter reading both in 10th standard

Boats connectivity in cut off areas
Taking into disadvantages of topographical isolation of large number of PVTG people of theses villages have been cuts off from the mainland for nearly several decades

Enhancing Agricultural productivity by using diversion drain
A diversion drain is a channel constructed on the high side of a site to divert surface run off from rain water stream water that would otherwise flow down onto the disturbed or active work area. Saria village is situated 46 km distance from block and 46 km distance from the block and 45 km distance from the district head quarters

Diversion drain for irrigation : A Ray of hope for cultivation
Baghamari, a PVTG dominated village has 1122 population consisting of 195 household at Mohana block of Gajapati District

PVTG Empowerment fund: beyond the Bank branch
PVTG Empowerment fund designed for PVTG SHGs to be given though OLM and OPELIP in PVTG areas in a very low rate of interest for livelihood improvement.

Black Rice Cultivation: Implementation and Actualization
Odisha PVTG Empowerment and Livelihoods Improvement Programme started working with the people of Balabhadrapur village during July, 2017, when local community relied desperately on income form off season migration seasonal farming and sporadic vegetable normal paddy cultivation along with stream bank.

case study on Sun Flower Cultivation
Many a times, it has been experienced that a good act with collective inputs leads to yet another mileage of self-respect, dignity and exemplary like platform which mean a lot to cherish. Positive thoughts with qualitative inputs paves way forward to lead a way of sustenance with varied experiences and options to follow. Kapaguda, a PVTG village with 79 HHs under Batelima GP of Lanjigarh block wherein Kutia Kandha community who are still a preserver of their culture & lead lives with limited

Tent House local event management by Soura women
ent House: Local Event Management by Soura Women utensils. Every month there are 3to 4 occasions happening in the village. So they planned that, the venture will help to meet the local demand as well as give them a regular source of fund collection through rent and will increase the community fund. , Though there is no tent house and utensil supply agency in the area there is a big scope for this venture and their utensils will be in demand �

Backyard Poultry ATM card for a poorest PVTG family
Backyard Poultry: A ATM Card for A Poorest PVTG Family Kirsanipada is a village in Mudulipada GP, with 105 households. Majority of them are poor depending on agriculture and wage labour fo their livelihoods. Some households were rearing poultry in their backyards, in the past. However, they had to discontinue it for various reasons like lack of supply of native chicken breeds, predation owing to lack of proper night shelters, high mortality rate

Mask Making A new opportunity of self dependent
Mask Making:A New Opportunity of Self-dependent pandemic situation. She started making good quality of mask as per the market demand. Nini Mallik is the Secretary of Narichetana PVTG SHG, Tiansi, Barakanda GP under Morada Block. When the world is in panic due to pandemic situation of COVID-19, OPELIP focused on providing PVTG Empowerment fund to SHGs for promotion of livelihood to each PVTG women through GPLF. OPELIP has

processing unit : Brought out a great social change
Processing Unit: Brought Out a Great Social Change DKDA-Parsali is implementing the OPELIP programme in Rayagada district fo enhancement of living conditions and reduction of poverty of the beneficiary households. This is being achieved with capacity building of the target group, household and securing their food & nutrition security through proper price of forest product, sustainable agriculture practices enhanced product

Enhancing Agricultural productivity by using diversion drain
Enhancing Agricultural Productivity by Using Diversion Drain A diversion drain is a channel constructed on the high side of a site to divert surface runoff from rain water, Stream water that would otherwise flow down onto the disturbed or active work area.

Duckery unit
Duckery Unit: A Boost to Income Generation Maa Jagnyaseni SHG of village Pechamundi was formed in the year 2006 comprising of 10 ST Munda females. The members approached OPELIP to support for rearing of ducks. Accordingly the MPA (PBDA, Jamardihi) was supplied 200 nos. of ducks, 10 nos. feeders, 10 nos. of drinkers and poultry feed to the SHG.

Boat Connection life with mainstream and supporting
Khalaguda Village is situated in inter part of Khairput comes under Andrahal GP of Khairput Block of Malkangiri district. Total 76 PVTG households are residing in the village. Mrs. Budri Sisa, Mrs. Bhanumati Sisa, Mrs. Rukmani Pujari, Mrs. Sukri Pujari and the members of their families lead the day to day life in a vulnerable condition. Their major source of income Is fishing and cultivation in a small un-irrigated land to maintain their livelihood. They are traditional fisherman doing

Earning livelihood through vegetable cultivation
Earning Livelinood through Vegetable Cultivation Sarukudar Village of Talachampei Gram Panchayat is situated 27 km distance from block quarter and 11km from Gonasika MPA office. In this village total 121 families are residing and out of them 16 are PVTGs.

Sabai Craft Business Making Rural Woman shined in Lockdown
Village Gangasole and its adjacent areas are rich with Sabai grass production. Sabai grass is a natural growing grass. In this area, bi-product of sabai grass is the major source of livelihood among PVITGs. Most of the PVTG women are always busy in this painstaking job of sabai rope making as major source of income earning. Earlier, this grass was traditionally used just for making of ropes which was labour intensive. Traditionally, the grass is collected and dried to make ropes by manua

Home Run Business Makes a Woman self employed
In this COVID pandemic, when lockdown and shutdown affected the livelihood of human beings, a 31 year PVTG woman Smt. Rinku Naik provided daily used consumer goods in her village and nearby villages. During the lockdown, she run the grocery shop and provided service to the community members at a reasonable price. In this critical time, it was a great help for the villagers to get their required goods at their door step.

Poultry Mother Chick Unit
lf there is a will, there is a way. It becomes true for 32 years old Tuna Mahanta of Hinjilita Village under Barkote Block in Deogarh District. Tuna�s success has been a source of hope and inspiration for many young dynamic farmers in his area. He has not only sustained an income generating project through poultry rearing, he also able to manage to become a _ successful businessman in the process.

Motor Bike Ambulance
Hilly area or inaccessible area, roads have been clogging, making accessing emergency healthcare a challenge. This has led to solutions like Motorbike ambulance. The OPELIP has witnessed the launch of this service in Andrahal GP under Confidence Building Measure (CBM) Local youth club named as

2 PVTG Girls Volunteer in Covid Awareness
Niyamagiri is a hill range with full of Natural minerals. Dongaria Kandh PVTG is the native people leaving over here. Amid the Covid 19 pandemic the positive cases have got into the community. Dongaria Kandh people are being the firm believer of traditional way of medication through their village Niyamaraja (Baida) so it was a major challenge for the administration to do health screening

Covid Management in unreachable PVTG communities
Thirteen of the 62 tribal groups with a total population of 2.94 lakh in Odisha have been identified as PVTGs and given special protection because of their dwindling numbers. So far, 314 members of the PVTGs have tested positive for Covid-19, of which all are recovered to good health. In the month of May and Jun 2021, almost all the members of these communities from the 45+ age groups have been vaccinated on priority after On-spot registration in co-ordination with district administrati

Cycle Repairing shop (IGA)
Cycle Repairing Shop (IGA) Village Rasabeda situated in the inter part of Khairput Block under Malkangiri District. 225 nos. of PVITG households along with ST, SC, communities are living in this village. All the villagers are belongs to BPL category, socially and economically backward. Samuel Chalan, a poor and physically challenge person living in the same village with his family. Daily labour work was the major source of income to maintain his livelihood. It was very difficult fo

Leading life through Tailoring Activity
Leading life through Tailoring Activity Leading a life with dignity and maintaining a family is very much difficult for a widow. But a tribal woman proves that, it is possible for a strong will power, interest and dedication towards for family.

Shifting from Migration to Home run enterprises
Shifting from Migration to Home Run Enterprise Sukadev Kallo, aged 34, is a PVTG youth resides at Budhabhuin village under Talbahali GP of Lahunipara_ block in Sundargarh district. He lives with his family consists 4 members. He was the migrant labour. During the ist wave of Covid-19, he returned to his village. He got IGA support in the year 2021 from MPA Khuntagaon under OPELIP programme. Sukadev was selected as IGA beneficiary under returnee migrant category. The Village Develo

Mushroom cultivation Empower PVTG women
Mrs. Haimamanjari Mahanta lived in Naikanipali Village of Seegarh GP under Pallahara block of Angul District. She lived in a joint family with total 8 family members. Agriculture is the primary source of income of the family. Whole income comes from. agricultural activities. Out of 8 members two members are earner. Hardly had both earner able to earn Rs.8,000/- to Rs.9,000/- per month. It was very difficult for the family to manage.

Bijaya Laxmi Mahila Mandal of Sagada village constitute of 10 female members. It comes under Jeerango GP of Mohana Block in Gajapati District. All the habitants of Sagada are PVTG people earn their livings by daily wages. Some engaged themselves in different types of farming activities without proper skill and adopting traditional method. Soura development agency, OPELIP, Chandragiri supported them for Goat farming to enhance their livelihood.

Sunita Sabara is the only daughter of her parents of Dimiripankala village under Badasindhaba VDC Unfortunately she is suffering from Polio and unable to stand without any support. Her father is a daily wage labour and mother works as mini Anganwadi worker. She has a younger brother. So Dhenkasindhiba VDC decided to give some support to Sunita and make herself stop feeling disabled.

E-Rickshaw-An Initiative for Empowering PVTG Women for better Livelihood
In the financial year 2018-19, as per the provision of the AWPB in the sub component- livelihood enhancement and decision of Village Development Committee (VDC) Dayasagar SHG of Mankirdia PVTG community was supported by the VDC to run a Mobile Grocery Shop under Income Generating Activity (IGA). The support amount to the Group was Rs 30,000/-.

Sri BalabhadraBadiga is about 52 years old lives in Pajibali village closely located nearby DangoriaKandha villages under SibapadarGP of Muniguda block, Rayagada. The main occupation of the villagers are cultivation/farming, and wage labourer. Sri Badiga is one of the progressive farmer of this village. He has two sons and one daughter with his wife and living in a small kacha house.

Saraswati Munda - A successful entrepreneur
Saraswati Munda is a single tribal woman aged around 44. She resides in Barghat village of Talbahali Gram panchayat under Lahunipara block, Sundargarh district. Her husband died in an accident leaving her and his only son behind. It was very difficult in her part to manage her family with a very small land holding.

A Frontier Community Worker
Sri Jitendriya Behera, working as Community Resource Person (CRP) for facilitating in implementation of programme in Rugudakudar & Netrabahal village in PBDA, Rugudakudar, Deogarh from 2018. Sri Behera, have keen interest in farming and eager to adopt & disseminate new technology to the farmers of different villages. Many more activities are being promoted in operational villages under his able guidance and facilitation. He has leadership quality and ability to motivate the farmers to adopt

Poultry farming - A demand driven by SHG
The Odisha PVTGs Empowerment and Livelihood Improvement Programme (OPELIP), started since June 2017 in DKDA Parshali, Rayagada district with a specific goal i.e. enhancement of living conditions and reduction of poverty of PVTG, Tribal, SC and other Households.

Our Hero- Sumitra Juanga
Born on 5th August 1993 at Talabaruda village of Banspal Block of Keonjhar District. Completed intermediate Arts in 2013 and dedicating her time as Community Resource Person (CRP) in OPELIP project since September 2017. She has taken up responsibility of bringing change in wellbeing of 308 Junaga families in three villages. Apart from this, helping own parents in household work and brother for higher education. Ms. Sumitra has successfully demonstrated different crops like potato, mustard,

The Journey of Puspanjali in OPELIP
Pushpa Majhi, is a tribal resident of Tangankana village, Lanjigarh block of Kalahandi. She is just a matriculate having family with husband, a child & in-laws, who lead a normal life amidst the people cultured with traditional values and thoughts. She owes a good understanding to cater the need of community being a good motivator, soft-spoken and publicly appreciated person due to her dedication and passion to work for the society

Fetching profits through Potato cultivation
Adi Pusika, a very poor PVTG farmer belongs to Balapai village near Bissamcuttack. Though the village is coming under suitable agro climatic zone, farmers in this region are unable to en-cash the opportunity to cultivate profitable crops. He wants to bring change by adopting a new crop in his cropping system which would fetch better returns as compared to other crops. During an intervention in Rabi season, OPELIP team has decided to introduce potato cultivation as a new crop in the village i

Tailoring Done Future Forward
Radharani SHG of village Gopapur under Balanda G.P of Barkote Block, Rugudakuar, Deogarh district is comprising of 11 members. The said SHG is now setting up a tailoring unit where all the members of the SHG are working in the unit and earn their livelihoods. After frequent facilitation, the Radharani SHG has agreed to set up a Tailoring Unit in the village Gopapur with technical & financial assistance from project. The SHG was assisted with an amount of Rs 30000/- only to set up a tailoring uni

Augmenting livelihoods of Juang (PVTG) people in Banspal Block through OPELIP initiatives.
Juang social groups are considered as particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTG) by Government of India based on socio-economic and wellbeing deprivation. 9046 (female 4575 and male 4471) Juang people mostly resides in 35 villages of Banspal block of Keonjhar district. To take care of special needs of Juang People (PVTGs), a micro project called Juang Development Agency (JDA) covering 6 G.Ps. is functioning in this District since 1978 with special allocation from Govt. of India. Since June 20

A Long awaited Dream come true for the villagers of Phatakasing
What was the dream of Phatakasing Villagers? They were not dreaming a luxurious life or any unexpected opportunity or any miracle, they were just dreaming for clean water at their doorstep because the conditions due to scarcity of clean drinking was a nightmare for them. Their health condition, their expenditure, their workload, their harassment and their reputation was related with water scarcity in many ways. It was hurt the women always and affected the children and older persons mostly.