Community Empowerment

This component will have two sub-components: (i) promotion of village development associations for the planning and execution of need-based activities of the community that cover natural resources management, community-based paralegal services, community-based health, hygiene and nutrition education and community infrastructure; and (ii) promotion of SHGs and rural finance services to enable social development of the SHG members through facilitating group savings and credit and through building their capacity.

NRM and Livelihoods Enhancement

This component will have three sub-components: (i) NRM, (ii) Food and nutrition security and (iii) livelihoods improvement. This component will also have facilities for vocational training for the PTG youth and promoting PTG culture and values.

Community Infrastructure and drudgery reduction

Interventions under this component will include inter alia: building critical social infrastructure such as schools, health clinics, child-care centres (that are not included under any of the mainstream infrastructure development programmes), storage structures along with drying yards, threshing floors, provision of weighing scales, household storage bins for promoting value-addition and fair trade in villages, small market yards and aggregation centres, facilities for food and NTFP processing units including small rice hullers, upgrading village link roads, rural water supply, supply of smokeless wood-stoves and support to operations and maintenance of village fuel-wood reserves.

Programme Management

This component will have three sub-components as follows: (i) a Programme Management Unit (PMU) will be set up within the ST and SC Development Department, Government of Odisha in Bhubaneswar, (ii) the programme will strengthen the 17 existing MPAs with staff and facilities; and (iii) a Programme Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge Management unit to be housed within the PMU. The policy initiatives aspects of the programme will be part of PMU responsibilities.