Annual Activity Report

Poster Information Miror on SHG Training
Leaflet(Odia) OPELIP 2022-23
Leaflet(English) of OPELIP 2022-23
Compedium of Success Story of OPELIP(English)
Custom Hiring Centre FY 2021-22
Confidence Building Measures(CBM) Work FY 2021-22
Seed Storage Bin FY 2021-22
Compendium of Success Story of OPELIP
On the Occasion of 13th National Voters day Hon'ble Governor of Odisha Prof. Ganeshi Lal has unveiled the Compendium on Accessible Voter Registration for PVTG Electors to sensitize PVTG Youth to participate in Voting enrollment Process
Land Development FY 2021-22
Drinking Water FY 2021-22
PVTG Empowerment Fund 2021-22
Income Generation Activity 2021-22
Annual Activity Report 2021-22
Annual Activity Report 2020-21
Processing Unit FY 2020-21
Annual Activity Report 2019-20
Annual Activity Report 2018-19
Management of COVID-19 in OPELIP Areas
Baseline Survey Report