Drudgery Reduction

Drudgery reduction infrastructure

The programme will support construction/provision of 35,000 smokeless cooking stoves, 20,000 solar lanterns, 2,200 ha of community woodlots, drinking water supply and 84 milling units. The programme will involve the community in designing and testing smokeless stoves and other anti-drudgery measures.

Strengthening PVTG Culture and Traditions

The programme will support documentation of traditional knowledge among PVTGs in water harvesting, conserving agro-biodiversity, traditonal medicine, land development, etc. Where possible, efforts will be made to register intellectual propoerty rights.The programme will conduct knowledge sharing workshops following detailed documentation of traditional knowledge to disseminate it widely among PVTGs. The programme will also support cultural festivals, youth dormitories and improvements to the sacred sites and places of worship in the villages.