Success Stories

Augmenting livelihoods of Juang (PVTG) people in Banspal Block through OPELIP initiatives.
Juang social groups are considered as particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTG) by Government of India based on socio-economic and wellbeing deprivation. 9046 (female 4575 and male 4471) Juang people mostly resides in 35 villages of Banspal block of Keonjhar district. To take care of special needs of Juang People (PVTGs), a micro project called Juang Development Agency (JDA) covering 6 G.Ps. is functioning in this District since 1978 with special allocation from Govt. of India. Since June 20

A Long awaited Dream come true for the villagers of Phatakasing
What was the dream of Phatakasing Villagers? They were not dreaming a luxurious life or any unexpected opportunity or any miracle, they were just dreaming for clean water at their doorstep because the conditions due to scarcity of clean drinking was a nightmare for them. Their health condition, their expenditure, their workload, their harassment and their reputation was related with water scarcity in many ways. It was hurt the women always and affected the children and older persons mostly.