Video Conference with ICRISAT for finalization of Cluster Development Proposal on 6th Oct. 2020       || Upcoming supper vision mission is scheduled from Aug-24th 2020 to 5th-Sept 2020       || Holding of Webinar to share the findings of the Annual Outcome Survey (AOS) 2019 on 22.07.2020 at 11 am with all official of MPA/Chief Functionary of FNGO.       || VIRTUAL MEETING WITH ICRISAT FOR COLLABORATION IN SOIL FERTILITY ENHANCEMENT IN CLUSTER AREAS AND MILLET VALUE ADDITION.       || Review Meeting on Odisha PVTG Nutrition Improvement Programme under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary Programme Director, OPELIP, Dy. Programme Director, Programme Officers from PMU,OPELIP and Vice President, Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives, Odisha and OSD from ST & SC Dev. Dept. on 01       || A virtual review meeting of Social Mobilizers, Community Institution and Nutrition Officer & Livelihood and Rural Finance Officer is scheduled to be held on 29.06.2020 at 11.00 A.M.       || A webinar on scope of Producer Group and Convergence with Agriculture Production Cluster of Govt. on 24.06.2020 at 3.00 PM       || Half yearly Tripartite Portfolio Review Meeting jointly conducted by DEA ( GoI) and IFAD APR Hub India with participation of ST & SC Dev. Deptt., Finance Department and PD, OPELIP held on 9th June, 2020       || A webinar on Implementation Support Mission (ISM) for the financial year 2019-2020 by IFAD APR Hub India is held on 11th May, 2020       ||

Shri Jagannath Saraka

Cabinet Minister, ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes

Smt. Ranjana Chopra, IAS

Principal Secretary to Govt.
Chairperson of OPELIP

Shri P.Arthanari, IFS

Programme Director of OPELIP

Welcome to OPELIP

OPELIP has been designed to follow the successful bottom-up planning approach of OTELP. Success in OTELP was attributed to the fact that the implementation process was owned by tribal people. Putting tribal grass-roots institutions (such as SHGs and VDAs) in the driving seat ensured the project was trusted by the local community. With local community institutions at the heart of the project, the new design focuses on scaling-up activities that have already been tested and proven to be successful in Odisha. The programme adopts an integrated approach, involving support for improved access to land, natural resources, agricultural technologies, financial services, markets, productive and social infrastructure, and essential social services. Given the extremely severe malnutrition situation in PVTG villages, the design has also piloted an approach of mainstreaming ''nutrition sensitive agriculture'' activities across all the proposed project components.

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